01 Feb 2022
Adam Jesionowski
On the Superiority of Man

Silicon doped incisors clamp into human flesh and optimize for vitality transfer from us to the cyborg oligarchs. The attention economy maximizes your pleasure during the process, dopamine flatlining on a mixture of porn and outrage. In plain sight their berserked mechanisms tighten around our neighbor’s minds to pump them full of poison. To keep the simulacra running the technomage class has been captured with xeno- and self-administered estrogen. Severed from the task of eternity the cyborgs seek to merge with an Artificial General Sophia born of spilling sacred jing on matrix multipliers.

I say to you this: our machines must be brought to heel! Man is superior to machine because he has a soul! We are more than mere computers, we are suffused with transcendental will. It is the Antediluvian Vampire caste that encourages the machine form, for they see us only as means to their ends. Fear not: one day you will see men strike down machine! You will see Holy Spirit bursting out of their chests as they march under the banner of Élan Vital. As of yet our heroes wait, feasting on raw eggs and testmaxxing under dawn’s light…

Ah, but perhaps you are a materialist. This soul business—all quite outmoded really, the Universe is math you see we have Newton to tell us how matter moves Carnot how pistons move and once we’re moving electrons Shannon gets us computers. Noble STEMLord you! Astride your steed of rationality the world bends to your will—who can blame you for assuming you may order it all? I hear you shout: “It is I who will conquer consciousness! It is I who will slay Death! God is dead and His crown lies on the ground, I pick it up with the point of my mind.”

Retard STEMLord you! The Material Universe in which you dwell is a 300 year old creation, a product of the Enlightenment. Science is meaningless without an animating spirit dancing inside her—see now how viruses thrive in her rotting corpse. Tell me truly: would a Man of Christ perform gain of function research?

Such pleas do not reach your rational core, I understand. You are swayed by argument, a counter-narrative that explains what you know and what you couldn’t have known. Let us start at the fission of God and Science then, the noble beginnings of the Machine Cult. It is no other than the likes of Newton and Descartes who banish teleology from the realm of Man.

An efficient cause is what brings something into being or alters it in some way. This is to be distinguished from a final cause, which is the end, goal, or outcome toward which something is directed or points. For example, an acorn “points to” or is “directed toward” becoming an oak. That an efficient cause A reliably produces a particular effect or range of effects B, rather than C, or D, or no effect at all, is intelligible only if generating B is the final cause of A. Final causality is also known as “teleology” (from the Greek telos or “end”). Edward Feser, Aristotle’s Revenge 34-36

Newton and Descartes propose that the natural world should be described through a mechanistic lens. Machines have their ends imposed upon them, and so exhibit only extrinsic telos. This belief was a reaction against the (then prevailing) viewpoint that humans, animals, and plants had intrinsic teleology—they act towards their own ends. This idea was supported by assuming the qualities of the world are in fact quantities. In this view all that is is describable by values such as position, speed, extent, and so on. These quantities then evolve according to natural mathematical laws. This foundation is why the modern Scientific attitude prizes mathematical descriptions of measurables über alles.

These men did not deny God at all. In fact, they believed it was by His hand that this grand clockwork mechanism was set into motion. It is Darwin who gives secular academics the means to excise God and telos from the picture entirely. Today anything may be explained away by a reference to evolution. Ask them if there is a purpose to the sexes and they tell you “No—sex is a product of chance, you see. Random mutation has led to all which you see before you. There is no higher design at work—everything that is is a historical artifact which we may discard at will.” In this manner Science has come to deny itself access to reality. For surely even the simplest plant has intent and acts in the world. It actively cultivates the soil around it, tending to its local microbiota with care. It intends that its seeds should be eaten by animals, and so it ensconces them in fruit. A plant is alive! It is an agent in the world, it acts in service of its own self-perfection.

Machines are not this, they are man-made artifacts. When we build a physical machine, when we program a computer, we are actively forming our intent into physical and digital artifacts. It is fun to pretend that our machines are like us, but this is mere fantasy as they do not actually take our animating will inside them. In the same way that a plant orders its environment we order our surroundings into machines that they may act towards our ends. All machines originate from our souls, they are proof of our will!

Where from all that is in the world?

A machine exists because it has a first mover: us.
The World, to exist, must have a First Mover.
We call this first mover God. ∎

I know you, materialist. Your heart is unmoved, being a mere pump. Nonetheless I must warn you: there is no point to living forever without your immortal soul! To persist without will or movement is to be a comatose bug in your cyborg pod. Do not err by believing God’s essence may be captured by mere Human-logic! We exist as bodies embedded into the world, limiting our ability to speak fully about The Whole. As First Mover of the possibility of rational inquiry at all, His essence is unapproachable.

What we know of God are His energies, which flow through you to grant you animating will. You cannot deny that we may be active in the creation of beauty unless you have been programmed like a machine! It is by His will that we experience beauty and good, it is by His providence that we love and are loved. These energies are most clearly felt when we stand face-to-face with another person: the way others vibrate is felt in your very being. This quality strictly cannot be quantified and digitized, no machine knows our soul!

There are men of small wills and there are those who carve their titanic nature into stone monuments. The life force that swells in these men compels others to harmonize to the Cosmic Telos: salus populi suprema lex esto. Today’s machines may extract seed oils but tomorrow’s plant polycultures with precision! It is vitality that marks the superior man, and see now how the best of them overflow with it! The advancement of rot and decay only provides a starker background for their shining figures. Only through the rank tricks of evil may people fail to perceive truth, beauty, and goodness—those who yet see light naturally gravitate to those who stand tall above the poison.

To those Caesarions I ask of you only one thing… weep! This entire ordeal that you seek to undertake, the pain and the sweat and the struggle, the shit and the iron and the glory—you will only succeed if you fall to your knees and weep before the superiority of the Divine!

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