11 Sep 2021
Adam Jesionowski
Vaccminning // Vitalmaxxing

Here’s the situation: natural immunity through exposure to COVID is more effective at generating immunity when compared to mRNA vaccines. Should the risk of serious complications or death be rather small, then natural exposure should be preferred over the intervention of a vaccine.

You have been told to Believe Science–but Science is a method, it reveals truths dependent on the particulars of experiment. As experimenters always have intent, the experimental particulars are ripe for exploitation. If that fails, data filtering and p-hacking are normalized anyway. Science should never be the target of faith, it should ever be the target of skepticism!

The body is prior to any science. Science takes place through the actions of a body, some of which may be done on other bodies. In performing science we may measure certain quantities of these bodies: weight, blood pressure, electric flux through neurons, outcomes of clinical trials, and so forth. Measurable quantities of the body are not substitutable for the body itself. The body is strictly more complex than what can be described through science.

Each of us inhabits a body, but we are more than our material bodies. We have an animating, striving Will that drives our actions. Our subjective experience is of that personal spirit. That this experience is transcendental is as plain as the nose on your face. It moves in a way that shows me you are alive, that you have that same experience-of-being that I do–but I cannot ever cross the chasm from my body to yours. Your experiences transcend my capability for understanding.

As no instrument of Science may know me fully, I am the ultimate arbiter of my own body. I believe in my body’s ability to handle COVID with minimal risk. This is not to say I do not take any interventions–I’m out moving in the sun more than I’ve ever been. If those that have dominion over us cared for us they would mandate vigorous exercise in the sunshine with others. Much like mandating seatbelts this rule would respect the vitality of the body.

I submit only to vitalist rule. The vaccine mandate is not done out of a love for the American citizen, it reduces him down to a machine that may be commanded and controlled, numbers on a map. No clearer is this found in the moralizing around vaccination, the constant drone of “how dare they be so selfish / dumb / evil / wrong.” To love someone is to attempt to understand and accept them. It is only from this place that one may accurately make suggestions of another–or even take more drastic actions. To love someone fully may mean forcing them to confront their alcoholism or their addiction to media. They may be dumb, they may be selfish, but to throw that into their faces will only push them farther away. Love is accurately applied criticism. Evil is capricious claims of uncleanliness.

To those who commit evil in their demand for all adults to vaccinate, or even worse, those who call for children–children! those who stand the least risk! our most precious resource, those who have the most to lose from side-effects: I forgive you. Fear and terror were inflicted on you, access to precious social interactions were taken away from you, and you were lied to, over and over again. Your hatred of me would dissipate if we were able to personally dialogue, for the both of us to understand each other.

The state may do evil, companies may do evil, but I have no fear. Machines grind into dust, the vital reproduces itself.

They say that even now, vitalists communicate via underground mycellium webs, whispering autopoietic secrets from coast to coast. That they’ve seen enormous buffalo on the horizon and a man on its back, sowing native grass seeds as they ride. That certain communities have shot out all the artificial lights that disrupt the body’s metabolism in their blasphemy of the sun.

In the darkness, God prevails.

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